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Where To Get Professional Mental Health Care In Singapore

In lieu of World Mental Health Day, here is our list of places where you can seek professional help for any emotional, psychological or psychiatric needs. Largely due in part to the high-pressured society that characterises modern day Singapore, many expats seek professional help in order to deal with a variety of issues. So if you feel like you have nowhere to turn, there are plenty of options available in the city.

Alliance Counselling

Alliance have a team of counselors who speak a variety of languages, so don’t let the fear of being misunderstood stand in your way. They have over ten years of experience dealing with families, individuals, children and couples, with each person being assigned the right therapist for their own particular needs. They can also offer assessments, educational workshops, as well as online counselling sessions over Skype.

Anoushka Beh

Offering counselling, psychological services as well as therapy for couples and families, and her specialities include anxiety, grief, couples counselling and self-empowerment. She comes highly recommended from many expats, including those who are seeking therapy during or after a divorce or for mothers suffering from post-partum depression.

Anita Barot

Anita specialises in couple therapy, children who are having trouble adjusting to a new culture, expats, parents and women. She also develops strategies which work for you depending on your needs and emotions, and her MO is to provide people with productive ways to deal with their emotional issues.

Colored Canvas

Huma Durrani is a celebrated art therapist and has written extensively about dealing with autism in her own family, after discovering her son has the disorder. From this, she specialises in dealing with children that have educational, social or psychological differences. She also deals with children who have suffered from bullying and abuse or those who have issues with aggression, anxiety, depression and family trauma. She also works with families, as well as with the children and adolescents involved.
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Elephant is the first clinic to provide a link between the psychotherapy services available in Singapore as well as providing extremely focused therapeutic sessions for clients. They have a training centre which delivers seminars and workshops, which aim to empower the community through education. They use several different types of methodologies such as individual psychotherapy, as well as therapy for couples, families, groups. They also implement art, EMDR and schema therapy. Furthermore, they have a great coaching and consultancy service if need be.

SACAC Counselling

One of the most well-established practices in Singapore, operating since 1973, SACAC offer services in English, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Bahasa, Hindi and Mandarin. They provide counselling and psychotherapy support, as well as personality testing for children and adults. They regularly coordinate with international schools, as well as working with local and multinational companies based in Singapore.

Where would you recommend to get psychological support in Singapore? Comment below with your recommendations!

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