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The Best Productivity Apps To Get Your Ish Together Before The New Year

If you plan to make some big changes in the New Year, then you might be feeling a bit stuck over where to start. Here are the picks of the best productivity apps for your work, home life or personal improvement project.  


This is an oldie but a goodie. You can save anything as a note, a to-do list or a reminder. You can also upload files and take photos, which is handy if you want to keep track of receipts or bills. You can also organise it into sections so that it is easier to reach. Best of all, if you find anything online, you can also add it to the app.  

Google Keep

This is a sticky note app that is a digital version of a stack of Post-it notes. This is available as a Chrome extension, so if you find anything online, you can just add it to Keep for later. One advantage is that this app also works alongside Docs, so if you are working on a project, you can use the notes to be dragged into your document.  


To make mind mapping easier, this app keeps all your ideas in one place. You can also invite others to edit, so if you are working on a project with your team, they can also add ideas to the mind map. The app also makes it simple to link similar ideas and concepts, all connected to one main idea. You can also turn ideas into a project with MeisterTask.  

Lucid Chart

This is a great way to organise and present your ideas. There are numerous templates and graphs to choose from in this app, as well as options to customise depending on the project you are working on. This is particularly useful if you are thinking of developing an app, as there is a mock-up of an app with buttons and tabs to see what it would look like on the screen. [caption id="attachment_23027" align="alignnone" width="300"] productivity



This app tracks your to do lists, ticks them off and then gives you a score of how productive you have been that day. They also provide motivations to keep your score up and to improve on your current productivity levels. You can plan tasks, group them according to importance, as well as adding sub tasks.  


If you feel like you have been spending a bit too much time on Netflix or TMZ, then you can use this app to monitor your screen time. It will give you a chart of how long you’ve spent on each website and how productive you’ve been that day. It groups sites into productive (Word for example) or non-productive (YouTube). You can also block distracting sites and set up notifications for when you’ve exceeded a certain amount of time on a site.  

What productivity apps do you use? Comment below with your recommendations!

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