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The best podcasts about Hong Kong life, culture and history

There are a million podcasts out there for eager listeners but if you want something a little more specific to Hong Kong, then try some of these shows.

Hong Kong Heritage

Not only about Hong Kong daily life, but also about the culture and history that shaped the city itself. The podcast features interviews with authors and historians about the city and is hosted by AnneMarie Evans, who tirelessly navigates the city and it’s stories.

Hong Kong Stories

This podcast features ordinary citizens who are coached to tell their story in front of a live audience, all done by a nonprofit group aiming to spread the word of the average Hong Kong native. They deal with all sorts of different themes, but each one has their own distinct and individual touch.

Better in Bed

If you prefer something on the raunchy side, then listen to this. Sara Tang and Jye Smith try to re-educate a rather conservative city, conducting surveys and presenting facts and figures galore. They focus not only on the physical side but also on the mental, so if you want to re-educate yourself or just be better at the most natural thing on earth, then this cast is the one for you.
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Hong Kong Soccer

If you’re a football fan, then Hong Kong Soccer is a great podcast run by two guys who are hoping to inject some life back into Asian football. Featuring commentaries, games and plenty of impetus for football fans, HKS is a must for sports fans.

No Jacket Potato Required

Apart from a slightly random name, this podcast is a must for those who want a roundup of food and film options in Hong Kong. They also intersperse this with debates on the wonders of the universe, which sounds a bit left field but it works extremely well.

East Screen West Screen

For cinephiles and movie junkies, this podcast is a great look at both Hong Kong cinema and beyond. They review and analyse new movies, movies that are in production and interview spots from some industry heavyweights.

Eat Drink Asia

For foodies and drink lovers, this podcast should be right up your street. They try local delicacies and new restaurants so you don’t have to risk a bad experience, and they are fearless to boot.

Which podcasts do you like to listen to? Comment below with your suggestions!

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