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The Best Physiotherapy Clinics In Singapore

If massages haven’t done the trick, it might be time to have your aches and pains treated by a physiotherapist. If you are suffering from pain and aren’t sure where to turn (that’s not the medicine cabinet), try these physiotherapists where you can have your back cracked and your joints realigned.  


They offer services like sports physio, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and special workshops offering physio for children. They also employ local and international physiotherapists, and you are guaranteed an excellent service.  


If you or someone you know suffers from injuries related to golfing, then OnePhysio have a specially tailored programme for sufferers of golfing injuries.They offer Pilates classes during treatment as well as regular physiotherapy programmes. [caption id="attachment_22066" align="alignnone" width="300"] Physiotherapy


Natural Healings

The clinic offers a programme for both internal and external healing, and their popularity has meant that they now have seven centres across the city. They also offer services for pregnant women, senior citizens, children and teens.  

Urban Rehab

This clinic offers plenty of services, including a personal trainer, hand therapy for those with RSI, Pilates, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. More than just a one-stop shop, Urban Rehab has plenty to offer the aching patient.  


As well as offering the typical range of physio services, they also offer plenty of services for children including educational and psychosocial therapy for those who have learning difficulties or personality disorders.  

What physiotherapists can you recommend in Singapore? Comment below with your recommendations!

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