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The Best Co-Working Spaces In Singapore

Co-working has long since lost it’s reputation as an office that freelancers hire out for short-term projects and is now the hub at the centre of modern digital life. You can find bloggers and researchers alongside CEO’s and office managers as co-working spaces have exploded on to the scene. So here is our list of some of the best in Singapore.


One of the most famous chains of co-working spaces, WeWork have plenty of sofas, cushions, plants and open well-lit spaces. They have over 200 locations, with the most recent one opening at Beach Centre. Taking inspiration from Pinterest design boards, the office spaces are more like a home from home than an office.


This is the ideal space if you want to shut off and work in peace, without any kind of obligation to make nice with the people around you. This minimalist building, with matching furniture, was built ‘for introverts by introverts’ and best of all, they have plenty of space for meetings, conferences and individual offices that offer plenty of privacy.


MOX is a hotspot for creative types and has long been on the radar of many a lifestyle blogger. They have plenty of gadgets too like 3D printers, laser cutters and work stations that have design software. There is also a retail space if you want to sell what you have made, as well as workshops if you and your team want to gather here.
[caption id="attachment_22069" align="alignnone" width="300"] Co-working


The Carrot Patch

This co-working space is more like a hotel than an office, considering that it has a rooftop pool, BBQ pits, a foosball table and a sauna. You might think that access to the space will come at a premium but actually access starts at S$25 per day, all amenities included. They also have meeting rooms and even a pantry if you want to make lunch!

The Working Capitol

Another co-working space that has plenty to offer to the people renting the space here, including a cafe, screening rooms, private phone booths, and a beer garden. Not to mention showers, a  swimming pool, a gym and a restaurant. They have more than one location, including one in a beautiful Art Deco building on Keong Saik Road, all of which are extremely well-designed and relaxing with plenty of natural light.


Perfect for major events, this space has a huge hall that can hold up to 100 people that includes a projector to display visuals. There are also private studios, a board room, meeting rooms and large offices that can accommodate up to 20 people.
[caption id="attachment_22071" align="alignnone" width="300"]Co-working Co-working


The Co

Fantastically located, the eight storey space has plenty of room, from individual pods to meeting rooms and private offices. They also have event space if needed, and they regularly host networking events. Plenty of plants, natural light and soft furnishings mean that this space has long been popular with those in the know.


The first family friendly working space in Singapore has child-minding facilities as well as learning spaces for young children. They also have different levels depending on the type of privacy needed, including private offices for meetings and conference calls. They also have a terrace with chairs and a kitchen where you can prepare your own food and drinks. If the kids are a little too old to be with a childminder, there is also a playroom where they can paint and enjoy sensory play.

What co-working spaces do you use in Singapore? Comment below with your suggestions!

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