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The best children's shops in Hong Kong.

Whilst Hong Kong has often been criticised as being geared more towards the urban professional than those with a family, it must be said that there are a multitude of exciting and useful kids stores in Hong Kong. You might be looking to buy a special treat for your own children, or a gift to send back home that is a little out of the ordinary or a little more special than the products you would normally buy in the UK on the high street… or maybe you are looking for school supplies for the new term- whatever you need, you will definitely be able to find it in Hong Kong children’s shops.


 This shop really is the go-to place if you want to buy well known and trusted brands for your children. Play is your one stop shop for educational and creative toys, home accessories, and swimwear and sports equipment. They stock the big brands like Lego, Hasbro, Playmobil, Zoggs, Camelback, Wilson, and many more. This is a great place to pick up all those familiar brands that your children love.

The Little Door

This shop is really quite special, as it makes good old-fashioned wooden toys that you don’t see that often anymore. The owner was born in Japan and after seeing a niche opening in the market she opened her own store stocking handmade, quality wooden toys. The products are all made from sustainable sources and are entirely safe for little ones. For toys and knickknacks  that hail from a simpler time, The Little Door has exactly what you need. 



It goes without saying that Lego had to have its own entry, and this remains one of the most popular stores in Hong Kong. This store does exactly what it says on the tin and stocks every Lego collection and a full range of Lego accessories and clothing..  Whether you are looking for the Duplo starter products, the full-on Minecraft pirate ship, or anything in between, here is where you will find it- better start saving that pocket money!

Naomi Wear

We have cheated a little with this one, as Naomi Wear is an online store but as it is based in Hong Kong, it still counts! They sell an incredible range of fashion items and accessories. They sell a delightful range of clothes and gifts from all over Asia and their USP is definitely more on the unique side, so if you want a one of a kind gift that you can’t find anywhere else, Naomi Wear is your best bet.  

Book Castle

Book Castle sells an extensive range of children’s books, educational toys, games, puzzles, and audio books. Picture books for non-verbal readers and toddlers are available, as are non-fiction books on a wide range of interests, along with modern fiction and classics to meet the needs of children right up into late teen reads. This shop is a wonderful place to introduce the joy of reading to your young ones.

Shopping with children for return to school supplies can be a daunting and thankless task, but we have put together  a brief guide to where to look to (try) to get the job done in half the time…good luck with that!


Backpacks and bags

Lots of stores sell cheap back to school bags, from grocery stores to designer shops but how do you know if they will stand the test of time? IKEA is a winner on all fronts, as their back to school range is always affordable and durable. They also stock water bottles, lunch boxes, and all manner of quirky looking equipment for whatever your child might need; it’s often a one-stop shop so you won’t have to think about where else you need to go.

If your child wants something a little more stylish, the classic Fjallraven backpack will make your money go a long way, initially seen as a little pricey  but they have a real staying power thanks to the material used so becomes a wise investment. You can find these bags at Le Petit Society.

If you are worried about the amount that your child will have to carry in their backpack, then check out the ergonomic bags at Ergokid. Many of the bags have reflective strips and a whistle attached for safety reasons and others are designed for supporting a child’s back. They have some super cute animal designs and if the bags aren’t enough, they also stock well-made desks specifically designed for homework.

If your child is younger and wants something at the cute end of the spectrum along the line of animated characters etc then Pupsik Studio  will have just what your child wants. This is a great online store that often has one of a kind, and limited editions available at the click of a button. As we all know, online = stress free.

Lunch boxes

Thanks to Singapore and Hong Kong  weather, your child’s lunch box might be the only thing standing in the way of a delicious fresh lunch. To keep the humidity off your child’s food, try the range at online store Lulu + Moo, they have some great linen lunch boxes as well as toxin free stainless-steel packs. YumBox has a great selection of bento boxes with compartments to separate food; most importantly, the lunch box is leak free, so you can include dips and liquids inside.



If you are looking for stickers to personalise your child’s things, then take a look at Stuck On You or Bright Star Kids. They stock iron-on labels as well as stickers, and Bright Star dispatch within two days.

For stationery itself, the favourite is children’s stationery giant, Smiggle, which has some extremely cool designs as well as being practical. Typo has some great designs at low prices, as does Kikki.K. Tango Mango has great books as well as stationery options but if you are after bargain prices, (some children just lose everything, so buy economy brands in bulk- you can thank me for that tip later!) and plenty of options, then head to Lyreco  


Small is a high-end option with plenty of European brands, and they also stock adult shoes too. The Saltwater sandals are a popular option, especially with the humid weather and as long as the school doesn’t object, they can also be part of the uniform. If you prefer something a little more traditional, then go to Seed Heritage, they have a great selection of velcro plimsolls and Mary Janes in dark colours, appropriate for school, and can also be wiped clean. The prices are reasonable, and the shoes are long-lasting.

Ten Feet Tall is run by an expat mum duo and they offer a full-service measure and fit and have an on-site podiatrist. Ten Feet Tall will also accept your old school shoes once you no longer have any use for them for donation to those in need. Stride Rite has plenty of school shoes, as well as ‘old favourite’ Clarks brand.

For sports shoes, head to Decathlon or Queensway Shopping Centre. 


Do you have any recommendations for the best places to shop for children in Hong Kong? Comment below with your shopping experiences, we’d love to hear from you.  

Post created by Lisa


I’m Lisa and I have travelled extensively across Asia for over 17 years, I have also worked and lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

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