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Still think sleep is overrated? The Most Haunted Places in Asia

If some of the legends aren’t enough, then there are some truly terrifying places to be found in Asia. Visit at your own peril.  

Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Well known for it’s casino and hotel, the Genting Highlands offer a break from Malaysia’s often claustrophobic humidity. Don’t let the colorful exterior of the hotel fool you, as this is a well-known site for paranormal activity. Apparently, the 21st floor is entirely off limits to visitors and elevators bypass the floor altogether. Rooms are also rumored to be cursed and are never available for booking. The rooms are alleged to contain the ghosts of suicide victims after losing at the gambling tables and apparitions have been seen in the hotel’s corridors by guests.  

Chibichiri Cave, Okinawa

Thanks to the bloody remnants left behind by WW2, Okinawa is full of hauntings with many of them taking part in caves on the island. Instructed to commit suicide rather than surrender, soldiers and civilians often killed themselves in these caves dotted all over the island. There are plenty of skull sculptures here to commemorate the dead, and there are rumors that you can also see the bones of children inside these caves. Family members still visit these caves today and they can be a tragic reminder of the brutal history of the region.  

Clark Hospital, Phillippines

This was previously a US Army hospital during WW2 and it has a particularly horrible history. Deaths were plenty and the hospital also served as an asylum for American soldiers during WW2 and also the Vietnam War. There have been plenty of paranormal investigations, with recordings being taken of screaming, strange sounds, voices and footsteps. The spirits are believed to be violent, and things have been thrown at visitors. [caption id="attachment_4717" align="alignnone" width="300"] Haunted Places


Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

Tied to colonialism, this building was the scene of a brutal battle between the Indonesian army and the Japanese during WW2. People were supposedly tortured here, but these are not the only spirits in the building. There are also headless ghosts and the spirit of a Dutch woman who killed herself during Dutch colonial times. It is abandoned today, and has been the scene of many a horror movie.  

Penang War Museum, Malaysia

Known as Ghost Hill, this fort was built to defend against the Japanese but during the war, it was the site of executions and tortures. One Japanese officer responsible for the murders is rumored to haunt the site and many local people have seen the spirits of Japanese soldiers wandering around. You can stay here overnight if you so wish, but it is perhaps best seen in the light of day.  

Do you know of any more spooky places in South East Asia? Comment below!

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