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How To Give A THanksgiving Party When You're Thousands Of Miles From Home

Thanks to the amount of expats living in Singapore, there are plenty of options for a Thanksgiving feast on November 22nd. So if you want to keep your own traditions going or participate in a new one, because of all the food, then here are our picks of the best.  

Turkey Takeover Street Party

If the title alone wasn’t enough to convince you, then what about homemade cornbread, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pudding? Plus turkey. The Beast, a Southern kitchen and bar, is planning the street party to end all street parties. They have also prepared a special menu of cocktails for the dinner, all centred around their specialty of bourbon.  

Brewerks Thanksgiving Buffet

Butternut squash, turkey, mash potatoes made with brown butter…..Brewerks buffet has everything you would expect from Thanksgiving and more. Being a microbrewery, they also have their own craft beers which will be sold at happy hour prices throughout the buffet.  

Capella, Sentosa Island

Not only famous for being the site of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s meeting, Capella also has a Thanksgiving feast. This is more fine dining than buffet, with butternut squash and pumpkin soup with truffles, a whole roast turkey with a special sauce and a yuletide log cake.  

Camp Kilo

With music as well as food, the menu includes a tropical carrot and coconut soup, as well as turkey with a spicy cranberry sauce. Expect lots of eating, drinking and being merry, as Camp Kilo try to live up to their reputation as excellent servers of roast meats. [caption id="attachment_23032" align="alignnone" width="300"] Thanksgiving



As well as turkey, they will also be serving beef ribs, a scallop and foie gras appetizer, as well as their rather magical spinning bowl salad. Watch as your salad is spun for you, with their own house dressing.  

Marriott Cafe

With an autumnal festive theme, try their pancetta stuffed roast pork, oysters and spiced pumpkin yoghurt trifles. An enormous buffet that is as equally full on quantity as it is on quality, drinks are also included so you can get as merry as you like.  

Where will you be spending Thanksgiving this year? Comment below with your suggestions!

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