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Advice if you are a victim of crime in Hong Kong

You might have missed this piece of news but now you can submit an e-report if you wish to inform the police of a crime. Visit the e-Report Room here or if you are in an emergency, do not hesitate to dial 999.

Yes, the number to call Hong Kong Police in an emergency is 999


What to do if you are burgled or experience a robbery

You should report the crime immediately, either by calling 999, notifying a police officer, visiting the police station or by phoning your nearest station. If you are on the premises, then check to see if the burglars are still in the building. If so, do not approach and call 999. You should also alert building security immediately. Once you are in your home, you should resist the urge to touch or move anything as this could tamper with evidence. Also, try not to find out what you are missing until the police arrive. Uniformed officers will arrive first and will be followed by detectives, and it is vital that you relate to them as much information as you can possibly remember in the lead-up to the crime. Forensics experts may arrive to take DNA swabs from anyone living the house as well as to take photographs, so do not be alarmed if you are suddenly inundated with strangers. Police may or may not require you to make a written statement depending on how serious the crime is. You may have to be interviewed numerous time by police during the investigation and Crime Prevention Officers may pay you a visit to offer advice how best to protect your home. Your missing property will be listed on the police database. Once an arrest is made, you will be expected to make an identification in a parade and to later identify your stolen property. The same process will also apply if you are the victim of a robbery, with the exception of calling an ambulance if you or another person need immediate medical attention.


What to do if you experience sexual violence

You should report the crime immediately after it has occurred, by dialling 999 or going to the nearest police station. Do not throw away any clothing or try to clean your clothes before being interviewed by police. It is essential to preserve as much evidence as possible. Try to remember as much information as you possibly can, especially details regarding the appearance of the assailant. Forensic investigators may take photos of the scene and of your injuries, if you have any, so be prepared for this, no matter how intrusive it may seem. Your belongings may be taken and you may have to submit your fingerprints. You will be asked to give a formal statement but you will be interviewed by an officer with the same gender as you. You may be asked to help with a composite sketch of the perpetrator or you may be asked to look at photographs of suspects. If any arrests are made, you will have to attend an ID parade, which will usually be held in a one-way viewing room. You may have to attend court, but this can be done by a live video recording, behind a screen or in open court. Officers will maintain contact with you throughout, in order to keep you notified of the progression of the case. You can find further information here at CEASE Crisis Centre or at the Victim’s Charter.   Remember, that the e-Report Room is only for non-urgent crime. If you find yourself in an emergency, call 999 right away.  

Have you ever experienced or witnessed a crime in Hong Kong? Comment below with your stories (anonymously if you prefer).

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I’m Lisa and I have travelled extensively across Asia for over 17 years, I have also worked and lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

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