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    All the tips, shortcuts, strategies and facts you need to digest as a new expat.

    Speak to the experts and discover life anew from expats who have been there, ahead of you.

    Join the expat community and exchange day-to-day experiences, from living to business, eating to socializing… and more!
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Whether you're about to move, moved or are a seasoned expat, find lots of useful facts on property hunting and settling down right here.


From pre-school to tertiary studies, get the information you need to help your child succeed in a new country.


Soften the blows of relocating to totally new surroundings. Here's your need to know and prep for making the move abroad a much less scarier step!


Navigate foreign money management waters, from currency exchange to taxation, pensions, investment, insurance, mortgages and more.


The right school, daycare, tuition center, pets, kids, necessities, child-friendly trips, tips and tricks are just click away - at your fingertips!


Health care is key when considering moving to overseas. From sourcing the best expat health insurance to healthcare services, theexpat can assist.

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