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The best UK cities for buy-to-let property investment

London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham have been named by landlords as the most attractive cities for buy-to-let. A survey by insurance provider Simply Business revealed the best places to invest in buy-to-let property in 2020, according to landlords. The research found that regional cities across the UK are considered some of the most attractive buy-to-let hotspots. London and Manchester were tied for the top location to invest in buy-to-let with each city receiving 18% of votes when asked by landlords which city provides the best buy-to-let investment opportunities.

Liverpool and Birmingham were joint second with both cities winning 10% of the vote. London As property prices have dropped in London, this makes it an appealing time to invest in the capital. Properties close to major regeneration sites are forecast to see strong growth in house prices over the coming years. Transport and infrastructure improvements are a major part of successful regeneration projects, improving the area’s livability and boosting the local property market. With the Crossrail line currently expected to open in 2021, connectivity will be improved throughout London as the line crosses the capital from east to west.

This is Europe’s largest infrastructure project and is likely to increase property prices near stations benefiting from Crossrail. BuyAssociation has an investment opportunity available on Hereford Road in west London, an area expected to benefit from Crossrail and a nearby 1,600-acre regeneration masterplan. The building is a complete period conversion with four apartments that are freehold – a rarity in London. Also benefiting from the Crossrail line just outside the capital is Reading, which is an up-and-coming buy-to-let area.

BuyAssociation has a further project underway here right in the centre of town, and you can find more details about this here. Manchester Manchester’s city centre population is expected to grow by 100,000 more residents by 2025. This continued growth, paired with increasing job opportunities, is forecast to further fuel demand in the rental market. Strong investment and development are also continuing to come to Manchester. Property prices, rental yields and residential demand are expected to increase dramatically in the coming years with lucrative opportunities for both short and long-term rentals.

BuyAssociation offers an exciting investment opportunity at Johnson’s Square. The distinctive Victorian building is undergoing a sympathetic restoration and will be transformed into “smart homes”. Less than a mile from Manchester’s city centre, Johnson’s Square is located in the Northern Gateway, which is slated for major development in the next few years. Liverpool Liverpool is forecast to see significant growth, development and regeneration. A major masterplan is expected to transform Liverpool into a world class business location as more jobs and investment will be brought to the city centre.

The £5bn Liverpool Waters regeneration scheme is completely revamping the city’s northern docklands area. And Liverpool is seeing nearly £14bn worth of regeneration schemes in the pipeline or in progress across the city. To improve the city’s road infrastructure, Liverpool City Council is investing £150m, and a new cruise terminal has also been approved. These types of investment, paired with significant population growth, are improving the city’s appeal and boosting local property prices and rental yields.

Birmingham As one of the most quickly improving places to work in the UK, Birmingham is seeing more businesses and professionals move to the city. BT even recently confirmed it will be opening a new office in the city. Additionally, Birmingham is home to the highest percentage of flexible office take up in the UK, providing modern workspaces for startups, tech companies and freelancers. With a growing population of young professionals and a significant amount of job opportunities, Birmingham is also seeing a boom in the city’s build-to-rent sector.

The city is home to four universities with good retention rates, which continues to increase rental demand. Because of the city’s major growth, BuyAssociation has a range of property investment opportunities available in Birmingham. The Bank II, the city’s largest residential skyscraper, has recently completed. Contact us to find out about our exclusive allocation of apartments in this exciting development. Investing in buy-to-let Despite tax changes and the impact of Brexit being at the front of some investors and landlords’ minds, there is still plenty of value being found in the changing buy-to-let sector.

Three quarters of people consider buy-to-let a good investment, showing many are still seeing the benefits and long-term promise of investing in buy-to-let property in the UK. Take a look at our area guides section for more detailed insight on the top areas for buy-to-let. If you’re looking for your next property investment, browse BuyAssociation’s property investment opportunities available throughout the UK. Source: The best UK cities for buy-to-let property investment

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