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New landlord insurance covers an area many might have missed

Landlord insurance is a must-have for the majority of buy-to-let landlords. Now you can get cover for what was once a grey area for many. For many landlords who own a leasehold property, the freeholder will provide insurance that covers the building itself. This means landlords must only cover their own flat or property within the building. Typically, contents insurance for landlords is only necessary where a property is furnished or part-furnished. Landlord insurance can also provide for other eventualities, such as rent protection cover if tenants fail to pay.

But generally, insurance does not cover the permanent fixtures within the home. Now Direct Line for Business has revealed a new "Fixtures and Fittings" insurance that plugs this gap. It is specifically for leasehold landlords and includes internal permanent fixtures that are not covered through the existing buildings insurance. What does the insurance cover? Bathrooms, fitted kitchens, built-in units, skirting boards and doors all come under the Fixtures and Fittings insurance. It also includes number of floor coverings, such as carpets, tiles and vinyl floors.

However, the insurance excludes walls, ceilings, concrete flooring and floorboards, external doors and windows, pipes, cables and services. The freeholder's buildings insurance should cover this. The landlord insurance should pay out in the event of fire, theft, flood or escape of water. According to, the average bathroom suite costs around £1,000, so it's an expensive item to replace if it gets severely damaged during a tenancy. Jamie Chaplin, landlord business manager at Direct Line for Business, said: “We are continually evolving our landlord insurance product to meet the needs of customers.

"Our expansive cover for landlords renting out leasehold properties helps them protect their investment by allowing them to insure their internal permanent fixtures and fittings which aren’t covered under the freeholder’s buildings policy.” Why landlords insurance is important For most people, their property (or properties) are their biggest and most expensive asset. For landlords it is an investment that provides some if not all of their income. Renting out a property comes with its own set of risks, whether related to the tenant or external events.

Normal homeowner insurance doesn't provide full cover for this. What's more, many insurers simply won't cover properties that are rented out with a standard, non-landlord policy. This leaves the owner fully exposed to risk. Some may baulk at the added expense of comprehensive cover. However, when calculating how much could be lost if the tenant stops paying rent, for example, most will find that it is actually worth the cost. We can put you in touch with a landlord insurance specialist, who can help you get the right cover.

To find out more, send an enquiry online or call us on +44 (0) 333 123 0320 (UK) or +852 2554 5509 (HK). Source: New landlord insurance covers an area many might have missed

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