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Which Asian singers should you put on your playlist this summer?

If you really want to become immersed in the music scene of where you live, why not try listening to some local artists? Asia has a huge range of popular singers and musicians, from R&B to pop and jazz, here are some of the best right now.  

Jess Connelly

Already famous thanks to a modelling stint in the Phillippines, Jess Connelly has a voice like chocolate and has already released her first EP, How I Love. If you are a fan of laidback R&B, then try Wait from her EP, a perfect example of how beautiful her voice is.  

David Boring

If you want something a little more edgy, then try out David Boring.They mix together punk, post-punk, industrial and experimental music to make something entirely different. Setting the Hong Kong rock scene alight, their lyrics perfectly express how problematic our modern world can be. Featuring songs that are sometimes socially and politically raw, their most recent release is fittingly called Unnatural Objects and their Humans.  

Wednesday Campanella

An interesting name for this Japanese three-piece who effortlessly mix electronica, hip-hop and J-pop. Listening to their songs is almost like stepping inside a dream as their production is light as air but yet evocative of the emotion they want to display. Don’t miss the chance to see this band perform live, as lead singer KOM_I often crowdsurfs, sings from a stepladder or more recently, performs from inside a huge plastic ball. Listen to their album SUPERMAN now.  

Gym And Swim

Hailing from Bangkok, these guys make excellent indie that is perfect to unwind to by the pool. Perfect to relax to with a drink in hand, Gym And Swim make music like their name would suggest. Citing their inspiration from the food they try when they visit other countries, what better music to listen to whilst whiling away the summer? Their album Seasick is out now.  

Siti Nurhaliza

One of the most famous singers in Malaysia right now, this singer, songwriter, producer, television presenter and businesswoman is breaking ground by releasing traditional Malaysian songs, coupled with folk songs. A great role model and a perfect example of South East Asian girlpower, Siti is a real rock star.   Asian singers



If not to your tastes, then to those of your children. BTS shot into the big time last year and are the current favorites on the K-pop scene. They’ve even managed to crack the United States and have won plenty of awards across Asia. Whilst it might be a little too cheesy for you, there is no denying that BTS have a certain allure and although their music may not be overly intelligent, it is certainly enjoyable.  

What Asian singers are you currently listening to? Comment below with your suggestions!

Post created by Lisa


I’m Lisa and I have travelled extensively across Asia for over 17 years, I have also worked and lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

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