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The Six Best Spots To Get Your Fix Of Traditional Chinese Food In Hong Kong

It might sound like an obvious choice if you are living in Hong Kong, but finding really good Chinese food in the city is a harder job than it seems. Many new restaurants are experimenting with flavours and styles, creating new fusion cuisine and it goes without saying that you can find a vast array of international foods. But what about good old fashioned Chinese cooking? Let’s take a look at some of the best.  

Xia Fei Society Shanghainese Cuisine

The name is a bit of a mouthful but for a taste of authentic food from the big city, you cannot go far wrong with Xia Fei. They have a selection of dim sum, casseroles, and other delicacies which leave you craving for more. The best of all is that you can watch your meal being prepared through a glass panel. If you were in any doubt as to the authenticity of the food, then you can rest assured that the chef is a Shanghai native.  

Loyal Dining

Loyal Dining does exactly as it’s name might suggest and harks back to a time before imported goods flooded into Hong Kong. Their focus is on fresh, organic produce and they try to be seasonal wherever possible. Dishes which come highly recommended are chicken wings and pork chop rice, although you are hard pushed to find a favorite from so many choices. Chinese food


T’ang Court

This is a restaurant for when you are feeling particularly flush, but T’ang Court’s three Michelin stars are well deserved. Taking inspiration from the Tang dynasty, the restaurant features classics like abalone and bird’s nests. The aesthetic is slightly more modern, but the ingredients and cooking aren’t.  

The Chairman

This restaurant has been on the Cantonese cooking scene for quite some time and is no stranger to customers who demand traditional cuisine. The restaurant is designed to be slightly more private and an at-home style of dining. Luckily, the restaurant has a variety of set menus which means that you can enjoy some of the more famous dishes on offer. Highly recommended meals are the steamed flower crab and deep-fried peppered prawn heads. Chinese food Chinese food


Oi Man Sang Kitchen

This is more of a street food stall than a restaurant, as this is a classic example of Dai Pai Dong, which are cooked food stalls laid out in markets or on the streets. Oi Man Sang has a great approach to their cooking, and you can see your food being made fresh right in front of you. Customers love the pork knuckle, stir-fried beef and potatoes, and the brined chicken. Oi Man Sang has been around for nearly sixty years and has fed millions of people passing through Hong Kong, so you can be sure of it’s authenticity.  

Megan’s Kitchen

This is the go-to place for hotpot and you can be sure it’s one of the best. The hotpot broth is one of the most important mainstays of Cantonese cuisine and Megan’s Kitchen has tried to jazz up this old favorite.They have an absolutely huge selection and something for every taste. You can also try their complimentary thousand year egg aperitif with pickled ginger. You can’t say more authentic than that.  

Where do you go to get your fix of authentic Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong? Comment below with your suggestions!

Post created by Lisa


I’m Lisa and I have travelled extensively across Asia for over 17 years, I have also worked and lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

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